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Best Antique, Fine Art & Piano Moving Services

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced moving company to handle your “special care” objects and furnishings? Whether that consists of designer furniture, delicate antiques, fine art, unique objects, or a piano, Aaron’s Reliable Fine Art & Antique Movers can assist. We specialize in the safe handling and transport of the most delicate and valuable items in the world.

Our team of professionally trained staff have the knowledge, expertise, patience, and experience to ensure that all your valuable items are handled with the greatest care and are delivered damage-free. We understand that each item requires a unique approach, and we know when items can be blanket-wrapped or boxed, as well as when the fragility of the piece requires a hand-made custom crate to ensure safe arrival of your prized possessions.

We keep detailed hand-written and digital photo inventories of every object we handle to ensure each item packed and moved by our company arrives in the exact same condition we received it. Our attention to detail is key, and we pride ourselves on providing white-glove service and unmatched customer satisfaction. 

Our company has decades of experience in the field, providing services to many Museums, Cultural Institutions, Private Collectors, Galleries, Interior Designers and Auction Houses throughout the Chicagoland area and the rest of the country. We have also worked with several art events (click here to see a list of the art shows/events we have worked with). Our attention to detail and high standards will ensure the quality and professional attention you require for your Fine Art, Antiques, Artifacts, Home Furnishings and Family Heirlooms.

Experienced Fine Art & Antique Movers

We offer a range of services to ensure the safe transport of your items, including:

  • Museum Level Custom Crating, including Traveling Crates and Single-Use Shipping Crates made from lumber which conforms to museum standards
  • Custom-built Cardboard Containers
  • High Quality Soft Packing Materials
  • Insurance and Security Arrangements
  • 24-hour On-Call Representatives

Piano Moving Service

Moving a piano can be a challenging task that requires specialized skills and equipment. Many people underestimate the complexity of the process and end up overwhelmed. A grand piano can weigh up to 1400 pounds, and even smaller upright pianos can measure up to 6 feet or more in length, making them difficult to maneuver.

To ensure a safe and efficient move, it’s best to hire professional movers with heavy-duty equipment, piano boards and dollies specifically designed for moving pianos. That’s where Aaron’s Reliable Movers comes in.

As the most comprehensive and experienced fine art and antique moving company in Chicago, Aaron’s Reliable Movers has the expertise and equipment necessary to handle even the most challenging piano moves. Our team of professional movers will carefully pack, load, transport, and unload your piano, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it left.

Trust the experts at Aaron’s Reliable Movers to handle the job with care and precision. To schedule a move or learn more about our services, give us a call at 312.491.9322 or send us an email today to aaronsreliable@gmail.com.

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